Lessons from the Book of Job

Lessons from the book of Job

This post is a bit delayed, however, it should still be appropriate and right on time for some if not all of you.

My month of reading the book of Job earlier this year revealed the importance of daily devotion and allowed me to see the strength Job gained not just of his faith, but also of knowing his purpose.

There are times when life challenges us beyond our imagination when we feel as though we're not meant to go on; and just when we're about to give up, that little bit of hope that we have left is all we need to reignite our faith in God and knowing that His way and plan is far better than our own even though we're not experiencing the happiest of times.

My dear friend, medical school has its moments, I know that and I hope you come to realize that as well. Life has its moments as well; learn to enjoy both the happy and the bad ones because simply experiencing them is a reminder in and of itself that you're still in the fight.

Thessalonians reminds us to "REJOICE ALWAYS" and yes it may seem as though it's easier said than done, but after you've endured one storm, rejoicing becomes second nature.

All the best for the week ahead and don't be a stranger to the book of Job when you're in need of encouragement and a reminder of what it means to live a life of purpose.

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