Hoo Am I?

Hi there! 

I'm a native of the beautiful islands of The Bahamas, a lover of food, and fashion, a young Christian 20-something 30 year old who is doing her best to stay afloat and survive Medical School.
I'm daring to be myself and trading in the expectations of other's for my own happiness and success.

 Before my acceptance and deferral to Medical School I worked as a Medical Laboratory Scientist at Mayo Clinic, Rochester. I gave up the "real world" August 8th 2013 to pursue my dream of becoming a Physician.

My plan for my life got derailed a while ago, and despite the fact that I like to be in control, and to know what's around every corner, I'm learning that spontaneity keeps you young and alive, and far less serious.

I love quotes, typography, photography, Hematology and Immunohematology.
My style is vintage, classic with a hint of modern.
I love DIY crafts, and all forms of hands-on learning.
Traveling and exploring the world would be my ultimate form of relaxation, as I find the world and the people who occupy it have so much to offer and beauty to behold, but since I traded in my financial independence, local hikes and stay-cations will suffice for the duration of my studies. 

Since there are many people called into the Ministry of Healing, my plan for this blog is to serve as a resource, provide guidance for those wanting to enter the Medical Field as well as motivation and encouragement for all of you embarking on this journey.

Well who am I?
I'm Cara Ghabrielle Dorsett, also known as The Night Owl and welcome to my blog!