Who said Rompers aren't for 'brunching'?

Dressing up was never something that required a lot of effort on my part. It was a means of expressing myself and came naturally. While in college, I was able to utilize what I had (since my sister's closet was not an option anymore) to create outfits that not only revealed to the world my personal style but allowed me to limit needless spending on clothing which could be used for those late night Taco Bell excursions when chalupas and bean burritos fueled weeknight studying.

Maintaining modesty has been instilled in me from an early age and is something I value to this day whenever I'm shopping for new items to add to my wardrobe and when I'm pairing pieces for my daily outfits.

Today I'm going to share with you, how I turned a 'ratchet' romper into a brunch appropriate piece that can easily double as a lunch date outfit with your girlfriends.

My sister and I recently spent a day together enjoying Starbucks, grocery shopping and such when we came upon the simplest romper at one of the local stores. The material is cotton, it has a faux drawstring and falls nicely at the ankles. While we both were over the moon with the style and shape of the romper, we failed to inspect it fully taking into account the large cut out at the sides.

How could we BOTH not pick up on that minute detail? Well maybe it's a good thing we didn't otherwise this post would not have been birthed.

So for Mother's Day, I wore my 'ratchet' romper to brunch paired with one of my black blazers, a Panama Hat and my go-to black booties, for a look I'd definitely wear again.

The simplest way of modifying any outfit is to add a layer. Be it a blazer, cardigan, bolero or vest, it offers a look of completion to the outfit. They can also, depending on the color of the piece, offer  neutrality to your outfit or make it stand out if your layered piece is bright and bold in color or print.  Because the romper was on the darker end of the color wheel and the hat had a black ribbon adorning it, I went with my black blazer versus tan.

Blazer: Forever21 (years old) similar can be found here | here | here
Panama Hat: SunTime, Mall at Marathon. Similar can be found here | here
Ratchet Romper: Body Beautiful, Mall at Marathon
Booties: Shoedazzle. Similar can be found here | here | here
Shades: Gifted. Similar can be found here

Shopping in your own closet offers you to be your own stylist and to reinvent items that you've forgotten you own and to create a whole new look without spending a penny. 

This romper was the perfect choice for brunch with my mom and sister for Mother's Day as it was breathable, soft, comfortable and easy to dress up and most importantly the blazer pairing offered a modest and polished look that is so me. 

How do you pair your romper? Leave a comment below and let me know how you dress up a simple wardrobe staple.