Tour of Trinidad's North Coast

The last set of photos of our tour of Trinidad and Tobago. 

View from the Lady Young Highway heading into POS.

Leaving POS and heading into St. James

The tour guide called the red flower the "Tulip Tree" this was just as prominent as the Bougainvillea. 

Condominiums in the mountains

On our way to the North Coast

Mountain Range

With the persuasion of the tour guide, I hopped out and took advantage of the photo op, praying no one came down the mountain with deadly speed.

Birds of Paradise growing wild like weeds. 

Can you guess what these are? They're bird nests. Made by the black bird with the yellow tail and beak-the Crested Oropendola

High School in 

The end of the Northern coast. This newlywed couple was visiting Trinidad and Tobago from Suriname.

Our very knowledgeable and entertaining tour guide

Nature is so spectacular. This plant whenever you touch its leaves, they fold up. The locals have a little song they sing before they touch the leaves "Mary, Mary, shut your front door" and with one touch they fold in neatly only opening when the coast is clear (I surmise). 

In my opinion this beach is far better than Maracas

Amazed at the mango trees  growing on the beach, so close to the shore. 

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