Dear Self

Dear Self,


Once again, God has revealed your purpose and His plan for your life, why is it that you still need a little convincing?

Be thankful for the mercy bestowed upon you today in the form of early dismissal from the ward; seeing for such a rotation as Internal Medicine, early mornings and late evenings are the norm.

Yes, your feet can use a massage and your back aches, suck it up!  Invest in a pair of compression stockings and Dr. Scholl's and be on the ball tomorrow for a day of learning, challenges and best of all-seeing how best you can care for the patient.

You already knew that such a field of study was not an easy one.

Never forget it! Stay current with research findings in the top causes of mortality and morbidity for your region of practice and for the most part trust your gut when the Consultant, Registrar, Senior House Officer or Intern starts with the rapid firing of questions some of which they may not even recall the answer to.

As you continue to advance, others expectations of you will increase and that's alright. Try not to beat yourself up if you fall short in their eyes. As long as you're learning and alive there is still room for improvement. Be open to it. Embrace it. Learn from it and continue to allow yourself the opportunity of advancement.

Before you start to allow doubt to consume you, remember the text: Jeremiah 29:13- NEVER FORGET IT.

In the blink of an eye, you'll be accustomed to the long hours, little sleep and the questions. But until then-READ as often as you can, QUESTION things you may not understand or know and always be up for the challenge each day brings.

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