Blogging through The Bible: Job 16-26

Excuse my tardiness regarding the upload of this post. I've been practicing some bad sleeping/studying habits lately and as a result my daily devotions have been affected and believe me when I say it, I have noticed a difference in my daily outlook. Nonetheless, here are the discussion questions from the previous two weeks. Please feel free to contribute to the discussion by adding your answers, thoughts, or convictions in the comments section below.

Week 4

Job's response once again to his friends is more firm and confident. He is now answering them not as a man guilty of committing a sin, but of a man who sees and understands to some extent that even though he is a target for his enemies, he is still sure of whose child he is. 

More and more as the dialogue advances between Job and his friends, he realizes that they are not truly friends. Rather than providing comfort, they are adding to his misery. We are no different, I included. 

As a child growing up, my dad would also tell my sister, brother and I whenever he found us engaged in idle chatter or wasting our time with our friends rather than balancing our time, that we "too like company". Basically, we would rather be surrounded by a lot of friends or involved in a good time versus keeping busy with our school work or chores. As I got older, I realized the truth in his saying, especially when I realized that persons who I considered friends were merely fillers; meaning there was no substance to any of our conversations or interactions. 

Job chapters 17 and 18 continues outlining the dialogue once again between Job and his friends. 
In Chapter 17 Job explains how he feels regarding the counsel of his friends.  Chapter 18 is Bildad's response and his tone of is unlike that of a friend. How many of you noticed that? Bildad's response to Job is laced with emotion as is expected to some degree, he's hurt that Job would refer to them as "miserable comforters" (Job 16:2) and in verse 5-21 he compares Job to a wicked man. 

Relationships are learning experiences for us all. We learn how to encourage others and also how to keep quiet when we feel as though our good intentions and encouragement is a discouragement. My biggest lesson was learning when to keep quiet as silence is truly golden and although we may expect our friends to treat us a certain way or to show up when we are experiencing moments of discouragement or despair, we have to remember as well at the end of the day they're only human as well. The older I get, the less I am realizing I expect from others and the more my faith and trust is in God, for He is the only friend that sticks closer than a brother, and if any of you have a brother you know that they can annoyingly stick pretty close. 

Week 5:

Zophar's answer to Job in chapter 20:5 "that the triumphing of the wicked is short, and the joy of the hypocrite but for a moment" reminds us even though he was referring to Job at this point, that even though the wicked may be prospering at the moment and enjoying their joy and prosperity, it is only but for a moment. 

The Bible offers countless reminders that our eyes are to be steadfast on Christ. We are to seek the kingdom of God first (Matt. 6:33), it is only then will all things that our heart may desire in accordance to God's will, will be offered unto us. By remaining focused on God, we should not have the time to even consider what the wicked are doing. 


Feel free to check back next week for the discussion of Job 26-29. More resources are available at Good Morning Girls and all photos used in this post are courtesy of the Women Living Well Ministries Blog.

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