A Look Back: Tobago Part 1



An island where common foul rule the streets and sidewalks, goats and sheep graze while pedestrians and motorists carry on their daily activities and roosters and the "baa-ing" of sheep resonate with the melodious tunes that is Tobagonian dialect and accent. 

Known for their "Sunday School" where the men of old days would tell their wives they were going to "Sunday School" which happened to be their place of escape with their favorite bottle of rum in hand to listen to the sweet tunes of the steel pan while watching the goat race. Tobago is an island unlike any other. 

sweet sweet T&T
From the moment you step foot on their shores your stress is left somewhere in the Atlantic. Swimming in the chilling waters of an 18ft drop Argyle waterfall is an experience worth having, same to be said of the exfoliation one can receive in Nylon (Nyland) Pool-where rumor has it when you emerge and after rubbing the sand on your skin, you leave 20 years wiser and 10 years younger. Your skin definitely is left as smooth as a baby's bottom but we'll see about the "wiser" bit. 
Tobago-truly an experience worth having and I was fortunate enough to escape in my first semester of medical school following my first real "Spotter" examination. 

Just docked in Tobago



Tobago 2013

Coat of Arms, Red Ibis
Coat of Arms of Trinidad and Tobago

Lookout at Fort King George

Steel Pan Vendor at  Fort King George

Canon at Fort King George

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