Tablespoon Thursday| What's your Type?

“An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality.” 
― Brian Tracy

Today's installment of Tablespoon Thursday, sheds light on determining your type. No, not your dating type. Your STUDY type.  During my employment as a medical technologist, our laboratory directors and supervisors thought that our unit of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology would benefit from attending Myers-Briggs Indicator classes.

As expected, we all were skeptical of the course and didn't see how it would assist with making us better team players. By the end of the week, however,we all learnt something about:

  1. Our energy: extraversion vs. introversion
  2. Our way of gathering information: sensor vs. intuitive
  3. Our decision making process: thinking vs. feeling
  4. Our order of life: judging vs. perceiving

The Myers-Briggs Indicator is a good way of determining  people you would work better with and those that would require a bit more work and effort.

In medical school, you will find yourself placed sometimes randomly, into groups with others who may be the complete opposite and deemed "difficult" to work with. Knowing your personality and the personalities with which you do well or not so well with, will allow you to adjust as needed to ensure your reputation is not tarnished and you always maintain a consistent level of professionalism. 

The First Aid Team posted an article here regarding how one's personality determines their learning type. Take a read and feel free to comment on what the Myers Briggs Indicator revealed about your personality and learning type. You can take a few tests here and here, or on the organization's site here.

photo credit: Study via photopin (license)

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