The Journey of Getting Into Medical School

“Have faith in God and your abilities. You can make a difference in the world.” 
― Lailah Gifty Akita

As days turn into months and months into years, it's amazing how our journey changes. Imagine the feeling of being accepted into the program you've been working so hard for, and finally starting on that path. It's one filled with sweat and tears and all worth it in the end. 

Our stories are different, and our reasoning for wanting to study the varying forms of medicine also differs, but I'm sure our commonality is the fact that we dedicated time, money and our efforts to studying for admissions examinations, experienced the stressors associated with creating a masterpiece called "The Personal Statement" and survived our fair share of interviews. 

I recently read an article posted on KevinMD which gave some insight into the journey of getting in medical school for the non-traditional student. If you don't know what the difference is, a non-traditional student refers to anyone who didn't enter a 4-year university post high school graduation, due to other circumstances and who may have worked or taken classes at a community college in order to  fulfill the prerequisites for the MCAT/DAT/VCAT. I have the utmost respect for non-traditional students because they find ways to balance a job and a family life with the demands of school and they are pursuing their dreams. 

Mr. Perez mentioned the importance of a healthy body and a healthy mind, which I've learned is vital to getting the most out of studying. It's amazing how a simple change in food choices, from one of fast food and junk to a healthier balanced one can not only boost your immunity but provide so much energy, if done correctly. 

Take a read of the article and tell me what you think. I'll be continuing the "How-to" series next week with more regular posts and a repost on the MCAT and the new changes. 

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