Planner and Craft Discount

Planning has been a way for me to stay creative and to meet other creative people in the planner community who share the love for stationary items and decorating as I do.

As a student, I've been able to keep my spending to a minimum and my purchases more on the smart side thanks to all of the affordable shops. One such affordable online shop for all of your crafting needs is

For signing up I received a referral code that those of you who are interested in finding reasonably priced items all in one place, can use and I'll also receive $10 off my next purchase if you so choose to use the referral link.

Once you create your own account and make your first purchase, you receive a referral link of your own allowing you to receive $10 off your next purchase as well as the opportunity to receive reward points as well.

Feel free to check out the site here. Thanks again for stopping by my blog and happy planning and crafting!

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