I Survived My First Week of My Surgery Rotation

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With my second week of my Surgery rotation on the brink, I can say that the first week of surgery was not at all what I had expected it to be. Yes the stereotype holds true as far as Surgeons equated themselves with a god, however, not all of them are that way.

From the inception, regardless of the fact that our team is predominantly male (we're the only females on our Team), I have yet to experience a lack of respect. Each member does he part to ensure we are learning, actively engaged and participating in the management of the patients on the service as well as corrected when we are wrong or going down the proverbial rabbit hole.

All in all, I'm excited to learn in light of the amount of reading that I have to do on a daily basis and I am eager to take part in the intellectual discussion that occurs at the bedside during rounds. This week will be the start of our presentations on rounds-I can already sense it won't be what I've grown accustomed to during my Medicine rotation.

Here's to a new week.

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