Plan with Me| March

Decorative planning has been my way of staying connected to my creative side. It has allowed me to try my hand at a new kind of organization and planning which I greatly enjoy.

I have been using my teal Color Crush as a daily personal and school planner and although I was intimidated by the small lines and what seemed to be limited space, utilizing things such as washi tape, stickers and doodling added a unique flair to planning that has somehow made tasks more enjoyable to look at and actually complete.

For the month of March, I decided to use colours such as blue, teal, coral, pink and gold. I received a random acts of kindness package that was filled with so many planning goodies from a fellow planner. I also received my stickers I had ordered earlier in the year from Sweet Kawaii Designs, Memories and Pastimes and The Angel Shoppe along with custom planner clips.

As year three came to an end, the middle of March was filled with examinations. I found myself more prayerful and pressed for time. Keeping my planner bright, and inspirational with various encouraging texts such as Philippians 4:6-7 propelled me to study hard and to be diligent and wise with my time.

In the above photo, the Presentation sticker as well as the heart checklists were purchased from the Etsy shop Memories and Pastimes. The champagne glass at the bottom of the right page was apart of a custom sticker order from The Angel Shoppe also found on Etsy.

I've found that having a theme and a word or phrase for the month to be an easier way to plan especially when pressed for time. All of the washi pictured were used throughout the month of March along with the pens which were sent to me in a care package from a very good high school friend.

Jonas always seems to find time to play with the washi either as I plan or decorate my photos or set up an area for photos. He highly enjoys my tassel and chasing the washi. 

All in all, the month of March was a great month despite the numerous examinations and presentations but having a planner filled with colorful pages, photos of moments cherished and the campus where I made precious memories for the past 3 years made it bearable. 

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