Faced with Doubt

“Don't dig up in doubt what you planted in faith.”― Elisabeth Elliot

It's Sunday night, and without fail I'm seated at my dining room table trying to organize the mountain of lectures I have to tackle. I'd rather be sleeping; however sleep will have to come later. The past three years has served me my fair share of self doubt. I most recently stumbled upon the above quote and I can't help but repeat it to myself whenever I feel as though I should just call it quits.

There may be someone else out there who may have felt this way, or currently feeling this way. Don't worry brave one, you're not alone. It's almost as if once you accept your place in the medical school of your choice, you are automatically enrolled in lessons of humility, faith, patience and true dedication. Consider it a right of passage. Countless others sat where you sit, endured the belittling by consultants and spent many grueling hours hunched over Moore's Clinically Oriented Anatomy trying to make sense of the Circle of Willis. You're no different from them. Neither am I. So why doubt?

We're all human, and we have our moments of weakness. Those are the moments that test our strength. Will we cave under pressure or endure till the end? Will we allow the noise of the market to darken our light? or allow it to shine even brighter?

As I head back to the books, I just want to encourage someone, somewhere who may be in need. You've come this far to quit now. God has a purpose for you. Don't give up just yet!

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