The Journey

"Once you start studying medicine, you never get through with it."-Dr. Charles Mayo

The above quote is one of the many that decorates the walls of Mayo Clinic's lobbies and is sporadically displayed on monitors throughout employee entrances and exits, between the institutions updates and latest news for its employees. 

My journey for studying medicine began with the inception of the thought that I could be of service to those in need-medically. As I grew in age and knowledge of the opportunities, I played with the idea of being a veterinarian, a pediatrician, even a cardiologist. The more interested I became and the stronger my passion for medicine grew, I found myself researching the steps I would have to take in order to become a doctor.

Fast forward a decade, and like Jonah, I've strayed from my initial 5 year plan for myself and my calling and attained a Biology degree and a degree in Clinical Laboratory Science with 4.5 years experience in the field of Laboratory Medicine.

I doubt that Jonah for one minute got a good night's rest after fleeing the calling to preach and deliver Ninevah. Well I didn't. With each degree, I prayed for God to show me his plan and purpose for my life and if I were to become a doctor, for it to be made clear. Like Gideon I got just what I had prayed for-an acceptance letter to not one, not two but three medical schools after thinking my applications were discarded and not even given a second look. 

January-May 2014 marked the completion of my first year of Medical School, and now as I prepare to start year 2, I can say that it has been a rewarding journey overall.

At the ending of the semester, right before our Phase Examinations, I was afforded the opportunity of watching the leatherback turtles lay their eggs and venture back to the active ocean from which they emerged. Seeing the journey of the leatherback placed an emphasis on my journey to where I am today. The fact that despite remarkable and at time, disappointing strayings from my original plan for my academic and medical career, I am right where God wants me to be. 

As the application process for medical school begins for some, and the first year of postgraduate/or professional school unfolds for others I will be starting a series entitled "Tips for Applying to Medical/Dental/Pharm/Vet School" followed by a series on "So it's your first year in ____ School. What to Do Now", so be sure to check back often for pointers and for guest posts in the "Words of the Wise" section, where students just like you, will be giving advice and what they've learnt from their application process. 

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